Great training can mean:

  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Better employee retention
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved sales

But quality training requires careful development to meet your audience’s needs and make it stick. In fact, 1 hour of training can take anywhere, from 34 hours for instructor-led training to 220 hours for e-learning (Chapman, 2007) to create.

Novatek can help. We understand your audience’s communication and learning needs, and how to rapidly work with subject matter experts to capture and convey the knowledge they’ll need in a way that’s easy for them to master and retain.

The Right Content, Deployed Where and How You Need It
There is nothing worse than having knowledge thoughtfully designed and developed yet fail at improving results because of poor execution. Novatek goes the extra mile to deploy your solution to the right audiences, in the right format, at the right time—in train-the-trainer for live training, or in desktop, mobile, or tablet-based eLearning.

While much of our work is proprietary, some brief samples are below. Please contact us to learn more.


A medical device company’s new product required training a new audience, but limited documentation and a lean staff made development a challenge. This on-time, on-the-mark eLearning was ready for worldwide launch, helping them differentiate in a crowded market.


This company needed to improve field engineer performance without interrupting on-site repairs. To provide training while making real-time service improvements, Novatek developed a dashboard that included video tutorials and 3D simulations for training, along with service metrics so field technicians could view performance against peers. The result? Cost savings and higher first-time fixes.


This manufacturer lacked the bandwidth to develop the process and safety training they needed to meet company goals and compliance requirements. Working with Novatek, they were able to quickly deploy multiple eLearning modules.


Clients tell us:

  • Missing a launch date isn’t an option
  • Quality and compliance demand proper training
  • Growth hinges on scalable training
  • We don’t have the resources to create new, instructionally sound training materials

Need help? Consider Novatek’s training solutions for:


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