Product Launch

Be First to Market with On-Time Product Launch
Time to market is key to competitive advantage, but in the race for a successful product launch, the right resources are always a challenge. Novatek can help you to bridge the gap between marketing and engineering, gathering product information and creating the technical documentation and training you need to succeed at:

  • Rapid sales—train your global sales teams to confidently sell the product, and provide key product specifications, comparisons, and features for easy access on demand
  • Customer adoption– prepare field technicians to install seamlessly, and customers to use it properly and confidently
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty – prepare field technicians for first time fixes to reduce equipment down-time, and empower customers with information to answer their own questions

For over 25 years, Novatek has helped some of the most prominent medical device and equipment manufacturing companies in the industry minimize the risk of budget and timeline overruns.

You’ll receive the right team, right when you need it. 



You’ll be buttoned up and ready for launch—guaranteed.


Avoid Common Launch Traps

Novatek can help you avoid these barriers to product launch success:

  • Sales force unpreparedness
  • Time-to-market delays
  • FDA compliance issues
  • Lack of trained spokespeople
  • Missing the mark with your audience

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Need help ensuring success? We have the expertise and resources to keep it on track.