Knowledge Transfer

Transfer Critical On-the-Job Knowledge to Eliminate Brain Drain
The risk of ‘brain drain’ is real---40% of the workforce in industries like manufacturing are expected to retire in the next two years.

While Baby Boomer retirement looms large in the Knowledge_Transfer_by_the_Numbers_final.pngminds of many product managers and company leaders, other business factors have created a critical need for knowledge transferring institutional knowledge held by key employees:

    • Growth: Scalable businesses depend on the ability to quickly onboard new employees
    • Sale: Valuation is dependent on transferable knowledge and skills
    • Succession planning: Future company performance is based on the leadership ability of Gen X and Gen Y

How to Start

Novatek Communications will capture the institutional knowledge that resides in your key employees’ brains and develop the necessary documentation and training materials to formally transfer this critical information in a meaningful way to others in the company.

Our Knowledge Transfer Quick-Start Plan is low-risk. In as little as 3 weeks, you can have an asset in hand and have taken a key first step in institutionalizing your ‘secret sauce’.

The Quick-Start Plan includes:

  • Knowledge capture interviews and observation with subject matter experts
  • Audio recordings and summary notes
  • Knowledge Transfer plan with proposed documentation, training, and timeline

     $8,000 (price based on 20 hours of interviews and observation)

Get started

Don't Risk Losing Expert Knowledge

It's never too early to take action to eliminate the risk of losing key company knowledge. Novatek's Knowledge Transfer service can benefit companies in any stage of the process.

Download our self-assessment and tip sheet to better understand your company's needs:

  • Knowledge Capture Self-Assessment
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  • Building A Brain Trust

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