Great documentation matters–to your salespeople’s success, your customer’s experience with your product, and your company’s reputation. Well-written documentation can ensure quality processes during manufacturing, and can project an image of quality with your customers.

Whether in-house or outsourced, the technical documentation function is nearly always strained for budget and talent. Partnering with Novatek helps to ease both. How? Our experienced team of writers gets it right from the start to keep your timeline and budget on track:

  1. Assess audience needs: How will they use your product and what exactly do they need to know?
  2. Recommend and consult on strategies for the best way to reach your audience. Novatek has 25 years experience writing for technicians, field service engineers, sales people, and internal employees.
  3. Proven writers: The right experience makes the difference—we guarantee the right fit team for you.
  4. Disciplined approach disciplined process to capture, create, and deploy product or process documentation accurately and on-time.

We’d be pleased to discuss your needs and share relevant samples. While much of our work is proprietary, some brief samples are below. Please contact us to learn more.


This medical imaging company needed better documentation to minimize impact to the customer at installation. Novatek improved the accuracy of system configuration and speed of installation with more visual diagrams. 

DocumentationThis company’s long-running partnership with Novatek helps them meet launch deadlines during schedule peaks and cost-effectively manage resource demands.

“Novatek has been a great partner in helping us determine how to get the work done. Novatek is a valued extension of our team.” Worldwide Documentation Mgr.


This equipment manufacturer’s sales force needed to access complex information on demand. Their new documentation simplifies product comparisons with tables and illustrations for quick and clear customer guidance.

Clients tell us:

  • "Missing a product launch date is not an option."
  • "Our product experts don’t produce good quality instructions that our customers can use."
  • "Quality compliance demands accurate documentation."
  • "Outdated procedures are a huge risk."

Need help? Consider Novatek’s documentation solutions for:


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