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Documentation and training are necessary for quality control and to ensure safety, reliability, and proper use of equipment and devices. Creating Active Knowledge is an essential part of every successful product. Users must know how to use the instrument, service engineers must know how to fix it, and sales people must know how to sell it.

But great companies also recognize documentation and training as an opportunity to win. Beautifully designed, easy-to-use learning and reference materials will make your product and company stand out and differentiate your customer service and support.

Quality managers are faced with strained resources, limited budgets, ever-changing timelines, and product specs. Manage the risk and get it done right. Novatek’s team of professional technical writers will observe, evaluate, and write your procedures so your team can focus on their current projects. Why wait 3 months for sub-quality drafts when a focused effort by usability-trained writers will get it done on time and ready to deploy?

Whether it’s product documentation or process documentation, we provide proven technical writers who deliver:


Novatek produces both product documentation and quality process documentation solutions.


  • User manuals
  • Instructions for Use/Directions for Use
  • Installation instructions
  • Service manuals
  • Quick start guides
  • Online help
  • Various other reference guides


  • Workflows
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Work instructions


  • Document translation
  • Conversion and editing

Novatek recommends, develops, and deploys learning solutions that are right for your audience.


  • eLearning—interactive and engaging learning across the full range of platforms, from laptop to tablet and mobile apps
  • Webinars—live or recorded learning to reach audiences far and wide


  • Instructor-led training—product-centered demonstrations
  • Social learning—including portals and wikis so individuals can learn from peers


  • Training updates
  • Translation
  • LMS recommendations & conversion

Outsource your Active Knowledge to our experienced team. We welcome the chance to show you how we can help you reduce risk and cost, and improve quality.

Let us prove it—we can start our working relationship small, and build from there.

Whether for Product Launch or Process Protection, Documentation and Training make the difference.

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