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Novatek delivers on its promises to you—we have the customer track record and recognition to prove it.

Read how clients achieved compliance and met product launch dates with Novatek’s solutions. 



“Novatek is an expertly positioned business that is able to be innovative and flexible due to its structure; that delivers high quality, affordable services due to its experience and scalability, and who I will continue to count on for similar solutions in coming years. They have been a true partner and operate as part of 'the team.'"

– Steve McCarthy, VP Quality Management Systems, MD&D, Johnson & Johnson


Installation Instructions

Our customer needed better documentation to minimize impact to the customer at installation. Novatek improved the accuracy of system configuration and speed of installation with more visual diagrams.

Result: Increased accuracy of installation, decreased volume of service calls.

Quality Procedures

This company was under consent decree by the FDA, which halted sales and production. Novatek designed templates and updated quality system procedures and work instructions, to create alignment with quality system policy and optimization across workstreams.

Result: Consistent quality practices and improved compliance.

Sales Manual

This equipment manufacturer’s sales force needed to access complex information on demand. Their new documentation simplifies product comparisons with tables and illustrations for quick and clear customer guidance.

Result: Decreased sales cycle time.


“Novatek is quick to respond to our needs; their staff is experienced and professional. They evaluated our existing training model and recommended a new eLearning solution that engaged our customers and provided immediate feedback on their progress. The flexibility and interactivity set us apart from our competition.”

– Bill Pritchard, Manager, Worldwide Training and Development, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics


Customer Training

A medical device company’s new product required training a new audience, but limited documentation and a lean staff made development a challenge. This on-time, on-the-mark eLearning was ready for worldwide launch.

Result: Differentiated product in a crowded marketplace.

Field Engineer Performance

This company needed to improve field engineer performance without interrupting on-site repairs. To provide training while making real-time service improvements, Novatek developed a dashboard that included video tutorials and 3D simulations for training, along with service metrics so field technicians could view performance against peers.

Result: Cost savings and higher first-time fixes.

Safety Training

This manufacturer lacked the bandwidth to develop the process and safety training they needed to meet company goals and compliance requirements. Working with Novatek, they were able to quickly deploy multiple eLearning modules.

Result: Quickly deployed critical training amidst strained internal resources.

Cyber Security

 “Novatek developed a thorough, user-friendly cyber security plan and employee training program, providing us with peace of mind that we’re compliant with cyber security regulations.”

– Susan Kane, Vice President of Underwriting, W. J. Cox


Cyber Security Plan

To meet New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) 23 N.Y.C.R.R. Part 500, this company partnered with Novatek to develop a comprehensive Cyber Security Plan and Risk Assessment. 

Result: Met DFS compliance regulation deadline, increased employee cyber awareness. 

 Incident Response Plan

This company lacked documented protocols for preventing and managing cyber attacks. Based on the results of their Vulnerability Assessment, Novatek developed a Computer Security Incident Response Plan to define protocols.

Result: Reduced risk and efficient incident response.

Cyber Security Plan

In order to grow their business by securing work with a particular client, this company had to create and implement a Cyber Security Plan that stood up to more rigorous standards. With a limited amount of time to prove that their cyber security policy was up to snuff, it was clear they needed experts to manage this critical project. Novatek created a cyber security plan and policy, as well as best practice guidelines for PC and network security based on CIS 20 standards.

Result: Met CIS 20 standards.



“There’s no blame game with the Novatek team. They know how to overcome any barriers and get the information they need to stay on track.”

– Carla Rosati, Sales Training Manager, AngioDynamics


“I worked in a mixed team of [internal] employees and Novatek’s technical writers, who are especially qualified and well-trained. They were able to jump right in.”

–Peggy Ley, former Technical Communications Specialist at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics


“Novatek has supported our learning project for more than two years, and their ability to provide creative solutions through all of the barriers provided was great. The team’s service delivery was everything you would want from a service provider. Novatek’s team created a state-of-the-art e-learning program that is well received by our learners.”

– Mike Andrews, Project Manager, Sodexo

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