The LaunchReady Promise
Some things are just not negotiable. We promise these three.

Fully Compliant » | On Time » | Accurate and Precise »

Fully Compliant
Compliance failures cause delays and lost sales. Novatek will ensure you have instructions for use and all other supporting documents for end users to be truly LaunchReady and meet the specific requirements for IFUs.

Accurate and Precise
We are obsessed with correctness. Our approach ensures we gather the right information, and make your review process quick and easy.

On Time
That’s why we make the LaunchReady Promise™.

Of course, change is inevitable. Launch timelines, product specs…we will do everything possible to flex to meet your needs and keep your project on track.

What is the LaunchReady Promise?
For outsourced projects, we can commit to a fixed project cost so we remove your budget risk.

For contracted technical writing support engagements, we guarantee the right people with the right expertise to keep your project on track. We manage the risk so you don’t have to.

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