Cyber Security's Influence
on the Medical Device Market


As industries continue to move toward operating in a completely digital, the medical device manufacturers and users are finding that the move to digital carries a lot of risk.  In less than one year, hospitals and health care became the number one targeted industry for cyber thieves. Cyber attacks and breaches are growing rapidly and the medical device market is a prime target.  As we get closer to MedTech conference we're examining the trends and risks that are causing the chatter in the industry:

Health related apps account for 10% of all iTunes downloads

A Targeted Market

US hospitals average 10-15 connected devices per bed

77% of users say privacy is important, but so is sharing information

43% of targeted attacks hit companies fewer than 250 people 

Knowing the Risks

200 billion connected items by 2020 (devices, homes, cars, hospitals, cities, etc.)

36,000 healthcare-related devices in US alone can be found on a popular search engine for connectd devices

Medical device lifespan is 30 years, but software expires after 2-10 years

wearables_final.gifProjected growth for wearables market


49% of medical device companies are outside FDA compliance

Are Companies Prepared?

Only 51% of medical device manufacturers follow FDA guidance to mitigate risks

Only 18.6% of organizations feel very prepared to address these markets 

An LA hospital paid out $17,000 when hackers took control of their computers

Would your company know what to do in the event of breach or attack?

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