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Well-Written Product Documentation—The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

We recently discussed the role quality technical writing plays in the design of product manuals. Most buyers have felt, at least once, the pain of poorly written instructions. Poorly written manuals can cause customer frustration, damage company reputation, and create confusion.

Coincidentally, quality writing can actually build customer loyalty. Clarity, brevity, organization and usability are appreciated and are a key customer touch point that impacts your brand.

For both the B2B and the B2C customer, the experience is the same. Imagine the excitement of their package arriving and opening the box. Suddenly, their perception changes as they stare at the pieces. Your funny-manual-1-_editproduct documentation can reset the stage again--with easy and accurate product setup and operation. In medical devices or manufacturing, product documentation can be an asset or a liability.

Novatek's experienced staff of technical writers understands how important technical documentation is to your customer and to your success. Check our tips for creating user-friendly product manuals. Following our suggested guidelines can help any organization create the product manuals customers deserve.

Even great companies can put out some confusing manuals—sometimes you just have to laugh.

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