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Lessons from Dilbert: How Well-Planned Documentation Ensures Product Success

Quality is a priority in regulated industries, but writing good quality documentation is often an afterthought. To technical writers and product managers, lack of emphasis on well-written and user-friendly documentation can feel more tragic than funny.

The quality of a company’s documentation directly influences users' impressions of the manufacturer and the device, and ultimately impacts the success of the product. Prioritizing technical writing and creating a documentation plan can help ensure that documentation is written for the appropriate audience, addresses users’ needs, and the writing and review processes are efficient.

There’s much to consider when planning documentation for a product launch. Quality standards, process control, and product documentation affect everything from manufacturing to customer usability and customer service. They’re no joke—but we can still see the humor in these all too common challenges in product launch.

6 Qualities of a Successful Documentation Plan

In designing a documentation plan, take a few quick tips from Dilbert:

1. Clear Understanding of Project Scope

2. Reasonable and Scheduled Deadlines

3. Clearly Defined Product and Usability Objectives

4. Defined Stakeholders and  access to Subject Matter Experts

5. An Efficient Review Process

6. Competence and Trust in your Technical Writers


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