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Are You Celebrating the 5 Major Documentation and Training Accomplishments of 2015?


The holidays are a time of celebrating and reflecting. Often, they remind us to take a break and look back on the year. Looking back through 2015, we at Novatek assisted some amazing product launches and are grateful for our clients and the opportunities they awarded us to work with them on these cutting-edge products.

During this often stressful time of year, we encourage you to also reflect on 2015. You’ll be amazed how much you’ve accomplished! These outcomes put any struggles into perspective and allow us to be thankful for our abilities, strength, determination, and perseverance that got us there.

Documentation and training managers should take pride in:

  1. Hitting launch dates on time and on budget
    • In deadline-driven companies, missing a scheduled deadline or going over budget are simply not options. For every on-time launch, know that your product managers not only hit the market at the right time and improved launch success, but you’ve contributed to making your colleagues lives a little easier by keeping their work on track.
  2. Employee retention
    • Employee retention signifies that managers have implemented proper training programs and provided employees with comprehensible documentation. Being able to trust employees and know they have the skills needed to help the company succeed offers reassurance.
  3. Improved sales
    • Appropriate documentation is key to ensuring that employees are able to sell products. Well-developed documentation benefits sales representatives and customers, turning into positive growth that shows managers what works well for their company.
  4. Clearing major hurdles
    • Beyond the expected compliance and regulatory approvals, product launches present companies with numerous hurdles. Managers work hard to ensure each one is cleared and achieved in order to keep the launch on schedule.
  5. Positive customer experiences and feedback
    • Celebrate your wins and positive feedback. A positive customer experience only happens with great training, documentation, and support. Receiving feedback allows managers to gauge what changes need to be made and what customers respond to well.

To training and documentation managers, these five outcomes are strong indicators of a successful year. Our commitment in 2016 is to provide expert knowledge and support through the creation of documentation and training.

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