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Current Trends in the Medical Device Market: How Cyber Security is Impacting Healthcare

It's MEDTECH season again and, as we do each year, Novatek has paired up with Launch Team to take a close look at the current trends, changes and technologies that are impacting the medical device industry. From product launches to new sales models, ...
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Cyber Security Protocols to Reduce Risk in Regulated Industries

Just a day before the announcement of the Equifax breach, the considerations and primary concerns of cyber security were highlighted at the Innovative Solutions Tech Conference – bringing these risks top of mind for companies operating digitally.
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Medical Device & Cyber Security: Top Concerns in an Era of Uncertainty

The medical device market continues to grow steadily, estimated at 2.8% annually for the next five years, despite reform uncertainty and regulatory changes. According to PwC’s 2017 study, major trends in medical device in 2017 include:
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BioOhio Annual Conference Recap: Medical Device Trends and Developments in the Growing Bioscience Industry

BioOhio, the leading organization of bioscience industry support, celebrated it's 30th anniversary last month at it's Annual Conference, which highlighted trends in Ohio's bioscience industry. Conference attendees serve various areas of bioscience, ...
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Medical Device Product Launch: How the Process is Changing as the Industry Evolves

Medical device product launch is accelerating, and it's not just incremental changes. Medical device trends and technologies for this coming year are following three themes: Non-invasive Mobile Innovative
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