Advice and best practices for writing SOPs, training for product launch, outsourcing technical documentation, and more.

How I Applied Advice from Champions, Best-Selling Authors, and Songwriters to Technical Communications

Earlier this month I received my annual entrepreneurial shot in the arm, at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization NERVE conference. When you’re tasked with keeping 750 entrepreneurs in their seats and engaged, as well as provide new and valuable ideas, access ...
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Why “Fit” is Critical to Succeeding in Technical Communications

After reminiscing about the evolution of technical communications during our 25th Anniversary, and finding some before and after snapshots, I realized there was one trend not mentioned and worthy of deep consideration: fit.
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Technical Documentation Planning: 3 Tips to Improve Cost & Quality

Documentation managers are charged with a difficult job. Their role is critical to product launch, but their input is often sought too late in the process. Faced with timeline pressures and budget constraints, they must ensure that documentation is ...
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FAQs for Writing Documentation for International Users

Novatek helps manufacturers prepare for product launches by ensuring that all user audiences have the appropriate and accurate knowledge needed to use, service, or sell the equipment/device. In their quest to learn the best practices for success, ...
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