Advice and best practices for writing SOPs, training for product launch, outsourcing technical documentation, and more.

Where Does Your Quality Documentation Fit in the Project Plan?

As a documentation manager, at what point in the project life cycle do to you begin developing Quality Documentation? Some managers might wait until a project is almost completed to introduce this documentation, but doing so can make tasks harder to ...
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3 Reasons Why a Strategic Partner is Your Best Choice for Outsourcing

In a previous blog, Developing a Relationship with Your Technical Writing Services Vendor, we identified three business relationship levels between a company and a technical writing services vendor:
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Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures

Many businesses develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure consistency in their processes, improve product quality, and prevent health and safety issues. An SOP is a written set of step-by-step instructions on how employees should complete a ...
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6 Tips for Creating Product Documentation That Talks to Your Customer

The days of pushing pages and pages of product information on your customers are over. Today’s end users are smart, tech savvy, and connected. Instead of static PDFs, they want searchable data that they can access on-demand via their laptop, iPad, tablet ...
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When to Consider Outsourcing Technical Writing Services

Have you ever wondered why some medical device companies choose to outsource their technical writing services even if they have an in-house technical writing department in place?  
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