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Technical Documentation Required for Chatbots: Customer Service Procedures You Need In Place

518738-google-home-vs-amazon-echo.jpgArtificial Intelligence (AI), such as chatbots, is increasingly within reach for many businesses as customer service shifts to the web. Many companies looking to implement an element of AI in their customer service will discover that the technology only exacerbates a common problem: inconsistent and undocumented customer service policies and processes.

Picture the last time you used an automated phone system, ultimately ending with a repeated, carefully articulated “talk to a representative”; only to speak to a representative who must put you on hold, transfer you, or give you a different answer than you saw on their website. AI adds another potentially inconsistent and dissatisfying layer of complexity. Thoughtful and well-implemented customer service processes can improve the customer experience at every touchpoint, including automation.

Before implementing AI technology, organizations must decide:

What objectives will it accomplish for the organization and user?

For users, it may be easier access to information, quick help or improved product selection. Organizations as a whole could be looking to achieve objectives that include decreased returns, improved sales or reduced post-sale costs.

Where does AI begin and end?

Organizations must determine what areas of customer service this technology will address: How broad and deep into customer service will AI be used? How will you seamlessly refer the customer to another avenue of service if it’s outside the domain of AI?

What are the common queries and keywords?

Successful AI implementation requires organizations to be prepared for nearly any questions customers could ask. Mapping out common inputs with decision trees and options is key to successful procedures.

The technical documentation your company creates to address these evolving customer service needs could greatly impact the success of the procedures. Whether you’re just beginning to consider AI, or addressing the customer service processes and procedures you have in place, learn more from our checklist...

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