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Outdated Medical Device Documentation Becomes User-Friendly

medical-documentation-helpful-doctorUser manuals can be a make-or-break point of customer loyalty for manufacturers. The more user-friendly the product documentation is, the more likely the product will be successful. Technical documentation is especially important in the medical device market where quick, easy implementation of products is necessary to facilitate high quality patient care.

Jan Peartree, Technical Communications Manager, shares how Novatek revamped a customer's documentation to reduce confusion, improve ease of use, and ultimately, help them provide better patient care.

What was the problem the medical device company needed solved?

The company was looking to improve customer satisfaction and usability to reduce hotline calls. Their existing manuals were written by engineers in the 1970s and '80s and lacked basic information for the end-user. The manuals were perceived to be difficult to use and hard to understand.

The problem was clear — the documentation didn't speak the customer's language.

How did your team approach this project?

We reviewed several of the company's current documents and found inconsistencies, gaps in information, and a lack of style consistency – all of which misrepresented their brand. So we created a template to be used on all of their documents.

As we reviewed the content, it was obvious that the content needed to be split. The old manuals had both user and service instructions combined into one piece, making it difficult for either audience to quickly find the answers they needed.

How will ease-of-use documentation benefit this company and its end users?

The information will be easily accessible, allowing users to quickly get what they need, when they need it. In turn, this will reduce frustration and errors which will ultimately result in reduced customer support calls to the company.

Reducing troubleshooting time and frustration is crucial to product and company success, especially in the medical device market, and enables their customers to provide better care to patients.

What was Novatek's final solution? 

We delivered a User Manual and Service ManualThe user manual we developed solely contains end-user information, with language that is far less technical than the previous version that was written by engineers, which is the goal for customer-facing documentation. The service manual is a complete documentation set of both user and maintenance information.

How will this documentation serve the company moving forward?

The template we developed will be applied to future documentation and we have also established specific wording and language to be used consistently, as most of their products have a similar purpose. The client has gone through several iterations of how they wanted their warning and caution statements worded, so we have worked to incorporate those final wordings into the documentation. This will ensure that their documentation has a consistent look and feel and will additionally reduce translation costs.

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