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Medical Device Product Launch Series: Top 3 Challenges in Medical Device Product Launch

IMedicalDeviceProductLaunch_Novatek2016_2.jpgn our annual deep-dive into the medical device industry, and how market and technology changes drive marketing, product launch, sales and service models, Novatek and Launch Team take a look at the industry outlook for the coming year and how the medical device companies we work with are responding.

In order to gain better insight on how medical device companies manage challenges and risks, we recently explored 3 separate case studies on leaders who’ve achieved growth and innovation in this constantly evolving industry:

Medical device marketing and sales with Tom McCall

A shift from clinic-based to telemedicine

Cupris: Mobile diagnostics in developing countries

These emerging growth and entrepreneurial companies encounter some of the same challenges the market leaders do—how to break through the status quo of healthcare and educate an ever-broadening audience of users and decision makers.

Top challenges in medical device launch:

  1. Diverse user environments
  2. Risk aversion in sales channels and buyers
  3. Changing and broadening decision makers

Leaders we interviewed reiterated these medical device marketing and support challenges:

“Changing well-established working practices is a challenge, due to both funding and time.”

“User-centered design has played a key role in our product’s development, health specialists such as doctors, surgeons and caregivers along with patients and parents are constantly giving feedback.”

“Very few of our new products hit their revenue targets. Salespeople have long-standing relationships with their customers, and they are more comfortable selling the old proven products.”

The diversity of users, salespeople, use cases and environments, and decision makers calls for a deliberate, well-planned training and documentation strategy. Consider these key factors and approaches for your company's plan:

  1. Conduct a needs assessment before selecting training or documentation solutions, including participant needs, baseline knowledge, and product launch timeline. Focus on knowledge needs over delivery vehicles.
  2. Maintain consistent documentation and training with an expert, dedicated team, single source publishing, and well-designed documentation plan.
  3. Globalize with a rigorous localization strategy, as medical device regulations vary significantly country to country.

Our work with medical device companies can offer solutions in all areas, from a needs assessment to technical writing, training and documentation development and deployment, and long term maintenance and globalization strategies.

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