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Medical Device Product Launch: Barriers & Pathways to Telemedicine Adoption – A Case Study

MedicalDeviceProductLaunch_Novatek2016_2.jpgIn our annual deep-dive into the medical device industry, Novatek and Launch Team take a look at and how market and technology changes drive marketing, sales and service models in the medical device companies we work with and talk with each day.

Telemedicine has been a growing trend in medical care for several years, but with increasing technological advances, more physicians have moved toward these methods of care. The shift is not seamless though; there are several challenges in terms of patient acceptance and physician training that come with the transition to telemedicine.

Companies launching a new medical device or product involving telemedicine are also presented with different challenges. Manufacturers are looking for new strategies and tactics to ensure product adoption. A UK company, Cupris Health, was looking to launch a new smartphone-based medical device, but they knew they would have to take a different approach to marketing.

In a recent conversation with Launch Team, Cupris Health Development Director Paul Thomas explains how telemedicine is impacting medical device product launches and what it means for manufacturers entering new markets.

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