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Improving Training ROI for Salespeople and End Users

In today’s blog, Jeff Denmark follows up his advice on medical device training with a discussion on the relation between effective training programs and ROI.

Jeff Denmark, an Instructional Designer at Novatek, has developed training for salespeople and end users in a variety of industries. Over the last 22 years, he has helped create and implement training curriculum, both instructor-led and web-based. Here is his advice for developing the most effective product and equipment training programs:

Training expense is a necessary cost of doing business but there are ways to ensure training money is well spent. How do medical device and manufacturing companies ensure they are investing in effective training programs?

iStock_000033279266_Large"To leverage training for the best ROI, companies need to examine their audiences and match the solutions to those individuals," states Jeff.

At Novatek, most of the product and equipment training programs Jeff develops are for either salespeople or end users. Jeff advises that the instructional designers and technical writers first need to ensure the desired product information applies to the audience needs.

Adult learning styles also play a significant role in training effectiveness. To create training programs useful for all learning styles, Jeff suggests:

  • Make the learning active and engaging by including visual and auditory features
  • Offer takeaways to reinforce learning, such as job aides or reference guides
  • Use a blended solution, which includes e-learning as well as instructor-led segments, to accommodate all learning types
  • Follow up on training to prevent future compliance issues

Time spent on training is time away from selling. Keeping programs to a minimum length benefits retention and puts employees into the field sooner. Jeff suggests that 30 minutes is ideal for an impactful program. "For longer courses, break it into modules and let learners explore on their own and choose their own path through the training. This allows them to find the information most useful to them," says Jeff. However, a clear training workflow is needed if you have a program that is laid out in topics that build on one another.

Training is essential to business success for more tips on leveraging your training for the best ROI…

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Improving Training ROI

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