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Where Does Your Quality Documentation Fit in the Project Plan?

As a documentation manager, at what point in the project life cycle do to you begin developing Quality Documentation? Some managers might wait until a project is almost completed to introduce this documentation, but doing so can make tasks harder to coordinate and leave your technical writers pressed for time.

documentation_training_alignment.jpgDelaying documentation can also mean fewer resources. By the end of a project, your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have already moved on to new assignments and have limited availability for reviews.

On the other hand, introducing documentation at the start of a project allows you to plan ahead for all of your documentation requirements and delegate work appropriately. Your technical writers will have sufficient time to consult the SMEs and create thorough, usable content.

It is also important to communicate frequently with all departments. That way your technical writers, design, development, and other teams associated with the project can share in the execution strategy.

To develop a comprehensive Quality Documentation plan, several key points must be considered:

  • Time frame for completion
  • Purpose of document
  • Level of detail required
  • Supporting graphics and figures
  • Team member responsibilities
  • Document maintenance

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