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Encouraging a "Can-Do" Attitude in Technical Writing

Typically, my blog topics are triggered by a technical writing or training challenge posed to Novatek where our expertise has greatly helped a client or from something impactful that I’ve read recently. But this week’s blog was triggered by a poem that has been hanging on my office wall staring me in the face for well over a decade…ATTITUDE by Charles Swindoll. I came across this poem years ago and kept it visible to remind me of the power of positive thinking and the value of a "can-do" attitude in my work.

Speaking of "can-do" people:Positive Attitude

Kudos go out to Novatek’s CEO, Amy Castronova. This week, Amy was nominated as a finalist for this year’s Rochester Small Business Council Business Person of the Year Award. The Small Business Council annual awards honor those who have contributed to the growth of their companies, excel at leadership, and give back to the community. Amy’s "can do" philosophy permeates throughout our company and shines in her mantra "We believe in Doing Whatever It Takes, Delighting Our Clients, and Integrity in Everything We Do."

Any organization can foster positive thinking.

As technical writers, our job is to learn how equipment or software works and translate that to common users. Keeping an open mind, seeking deeper understanding instead of getting frustrated, and asking for clarification when we are unclear, are critical skills for this job. Positive thinking enables us to let go of assumptions and perform better from a place of curiosity. 

Rajni Rajoo, owner of Life Success Secrets, identified criteria that a prospective employee should consider when choosing an organization for employment. We at Novatek are fortunate to work for an organization that meets all of Rajoo’s standards:

  • Has a leader who inspires you
  • Communicates the vision and goals of the organization with their employees
  • Has good values and principles
  • Treats their employees with fairness
  • Gives clear job expectations to their employees
  • Has clear and simple rules and policies
  • Regularly consults with employees for finding better ways for achieving the organization’s objectives
  • Gives regular feedback to employees on their own and the organization’s performance 
  • Encourages initiative
  • Has a clear salaries and bonuses scheme
  • Has a clear training and career advancement scheme
  • Has a culture that fosters the well-being of their employees

9 Traits of a Positive Employee

Positive employees make for a positive work environment, which in turn is good for business. Positive employees:

  1. Prepare ahead for their daily activities. They use time management techniques to plan their day and prioritize tasks. Yet, are flexible and able to adjust their plan when unexpected events occur.
  2. Control their priorities. They consider existing obligations and lead a balanced life between work and family.
  3. Surround themselves with positive people. They tend to associate with others who project a confident attitude and encourage success.
  4. Develop the habit of using only positive language. They have a "can-do" attitude and ask, rather than complain.
  5. Perform their work with passion and enthusiasm. Yet are not afraid to request help when overcommitted.
  6. Realistic in their outlook. But are willing to step outside their comfort zone to take some risk.
  7. Respect others and share their expertise. They are willing to offer constructive feedback so co-workers might learn from their experience.
  8. Give praise and take time to celebrate. They show their appreciation publicly for a job well done or a co-worker’s help.
  9. Give back to the community. They create positive energy by volunteering outside of the office.

Many studies have been done to investigate the effect of positive thinking and success. Is optimism a self-fulfilling prophecy? If you believe you can do it, will you succeed? Positive employees tend to communicate better and interact more with others in their organization. They also tend to be more interested in supporting the organization’s goals—all things that add up to a better bottom line, which is also good for business.


What is your attitude about life and business and how do you project your personal attitude to your co-workers? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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