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Whether working at your office or ours, our team of technical writers, editors, and instructional designers are experienced, process-oriented, detail-oriented, and proven to deliver. We have the process and tools to assess audience needs, gather technical specifications and user requirements, and bridge the common gap between marketing and engineering. We deliver effective product and quality process documentation and training on time and on budget.

When planning a new product launch, implementing process controls, or changing manufacturing workflows, technical documentation and training are critical. With over 30 years’ experience, Novatek is well versed in understanding a company's needs and providing them with the support they require. Novatek offers two models to fit your organization:


Outsourced Projects

Launching a new product? Documenting processes to prepare for ISO certifications, supplier audits, or other regulations? If you have a significant organizational undertaking, project-based technical writing or training may be the best fit.  Project-based work appeals to those companies who do not have or need a full-time writing or training department - it's a cost-effective way to fill a short-term, deadline-driven need. Our industry experts are up to speed and ready to guide you through the content development process.

An outsourced model reduces your risk and ensures you'll meet your timeline. Through experience, we know the realistic costs and unforeseen needs and challenges in developing technical documentation and training. We'll put an experienced and cohesive team that utilizes Novatek's proven content development process for quick results.


Contract Staffing

Contract staffing works best for companies who have a wide scope or haven’t established concrete deadlines and need technical writers or instructional designers who can provide them with ongoing support or additional talent on an as-needed basis.

For companies with a defined technical writing or training process but lacking the bandwidth to complete the workload, Novatek is a proven partner for outsourcing or supplemental staffing. Our technical writers and instructional designers average 14 years’ experience and offer particular expertise in the medical device and manufacturing industries. You’ll find that they are up to speed and can contribute quickly, minimizing training and supervision demands on your team.

Novatek's proven training, onboarding, and management allows your team to focus on your core business and the success of your next product launch.



The LaunchReady Promise

Some things are just not negotiable. We promise full compliance, on time delivery, accuracy and precision

For outsourced projects, we can commit to a fixed project cost so we remove your budget risk.
For contracted technical writing support engagements, we guarantee the right people with the right expertise to keep your project on track. We manage the risk so you don’t have to.

Fully Compliant

Compliance failures cause delays and lost sales. Novatek will ensure you have instructions for use and all other supporting documents for end users to be truly LaunchReady and meet the specific requirements for IFUs.

Accurate and Precise

We are obsessed with correctness. Our approach ensures we gather the right information and make your review process quick and easy.

On Time

That’s why we make the LaunchReady Promise™. Of course, change is inevitable. Launch timelines, product specs…we will do everything possible to flex to meet your needs and keep your project on track.

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